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How to quickly solve the pneumatic component industry?


Current situation of pneumatic industry
1.1 The economy is running well, and production and operation are rising steadily

China's pneumatic industry has maintained a good economic operation since the late 1990s through product structure adjustment and improvement of operation and management, with steady and sustained production growth. The sales revenue growth of the pneumatic industry in recent years is shown in the figure.

According to the statistics of China Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seal Industry Association on 55 major enterprises in the pneumatic industry in 2002, the completion of various economic indicators is shown in the following table

1.2 The application field of pneumatic technology is gradually expanded, and new products are constantly emerging

The development of domestic pneumatic components has experienced three stages: joint design, technology introduction and independent development. In recent years, according to the market demand, many new products have been developed. Common pneumatic components include: elliptical cylinder cylinder, parallel double rod cylinder, multi-stage telescopic cylinder, new gas-liquid damping cylinder, energy-saving booster cylinder, vibration cylinder, new clamping cylinder, pneumatic pilot pressure reducing valve, etc; Pneumatic components for special purposes include: automobile exhaust gas purification system, environment-friendly automobile gas system, electric locomotive pantograph lifting air control system, automobile brake air control solenoid valve, high-speed train grease spraying solenoid valve, high-frequency solenoid valve for textile and printing, special cylinder for railway switch, special cylinder for oil and gas pipeline valve, special cylinder for aluminum magnesium industry, special cylinder for woodworking machinery, gas control production line for colored cement tiles, etc. The development and application of these products have expanded the application field of pneumatic products and brought good economic benefits to enterprises.

New products are developing towards high and new technologies, such as high-frequency solenoid valves, with operating frequencies of 10~30Hz and up to 40Hz, durability? 300 million times, close to the international level; The development of the pneumatic electric converter has laid the foundation for the realization of the pneumatic electric feedback control, and has raised the pneumatic technology to a new level.

In the development of new products, new technologies, new materials and new processes are increasingly used, such as the application of industrial ceramics in gas valves, which greatly improves the technical performance, working reliability and service life of valves.

1.3 The technical equipment level and product quality of the enterprise are generally improved

According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, more than 40 member units of the Pneumatic Branch have carried out technical transformation to varying degrees, improved the equipment level, and popularized advanced equipment such as numerical control machine tools.

Establishing a quality assurance system is the focus of improving enterprise management in recent years. Most of the member companies have passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification. The internal quality and appearance quality of many domestic pneumatic components have approached the foreign level.

In terms of standards, the pneumatic sub committee of the Standardization Committee reported six national standard formulation plans in 2003, two of which were approved by the National Standardization Administration Committee. The Pneumatic Sub committee also actively participated in the work issued by ISO International Organization for Standardization. 

In the past two years, it has translated, reviewed and voted on five draft international standards, sorted out all industrial standards, national standards and international standards related to pneumatics, and published the current effective standard catalogue, which is helpful for enterprises to implement standards and transform to international standards.

1.4 Enterprise restructuring has added vitality and private enterprises are growing

Statistics show that the enterprises in the industry that have been transformed from state-owned enterprises to joint-stock enterprises have experienced a period of reform and adjustment, and most of them have added new vitality. In 2002, the output value, industrial added value, sales revenue and profit have all increased significantly compared with the same period of last year.

In recent years, foreign-funded enterprises have grown rapidly, and their scale, output value, sales, profits, and technical level are playing an increasingly important leading role in the industry.

1.5 Enterprise reform is gradually deepened and management level is further improved

In the fierce market competition, the enterprise has re studied the market positioning, and has made great progress in adjusting the product structure, improving the process flow, strengthening cost management, etc. Some enterprises have strengthened material procurement and collaborative processing management, and implemented target cost management, which is conducive to ensuring quality and reducing costs. Some enterprises have started to implement ERP management.

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