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Characteristics of pneumatic components.


Pneumatic components include a wide range of fields, such as cylinders that we are familiar with, or air motors, and steam engines that are used with high efficiency in the production of I industry, which belong to this category of component products.

1. Simple structure
The unique features of this category of pneumatic devices are simple structure, light volume, lightweight, and simple installation and maintenance in a variety of systems. In the actual use process, because the medium used is air, it has the advantage of not easy to burn when compared with the hydraulic medium, so the use of this product has better performance in terms of safety.

2. Save costs
The medium consumed by such accessories in the use process is reusable, is an inexhaustible air material resources, not only environmental protection, because the air itself does not spend money, so it can effectively save costs. This accessory has the obvious characteristics of simple exhaust and no pollution to the environment during use.

3, the working speed can be adjusted
This type of accessory has the characteristics of simpler adjustment of output and working speed. The speed of the cylinder in the work performance is usually less than 1M/S, which makes it significantly higher than the hydraulic and mode action when operating in the system.

4, reliable performance
This type of accessory is more reliable in terms of performance and longer service life - some. In general, the number of electrical components with the same effect can be used is about one million times, the number of use of solenoid valve type products is about 30 million times, and the number of pneumatic components of this type can be used has reached 200 million times.

5. Short release time
Because this type of fitting uses the compression of air for energy storage, it realizes the working characteristics of centralized gas supply. Such characteristics make it have the effect of releasing energy for a short time, which makes the accessories obtain the performance of high-speed response in the movement of songs, and can achieve the buffer effect in the actual work. In this state, it has a strong fit for the load. Because of this capability, the device has a self-holding capability.

6, fire, explosion-proof, moisture-proof ability

The pneumatic components used in the system can play the role of fire, explosion and moisture. Compared with the use of hydraulic methods, pneumatic components have superior safety performance and durability in high temperature applications.

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