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Pneumatic Parts PU TUBE introduction and characteristics.


1. Product introduction
PU tube is divided into polyester type PU tube and polyether type PU tube according to material; According to the use requirements and different names are divided into PU air pressure hose, PU clamp yarn increase.There are 7 types of PU tube flat, which are classified as strong tube, PU industrial hose, PU steel wire expansion tube, PU spiral tube, PU expansion tube, PU spring tube, PU yarn clip tube, PU braided tube, PU mesh tube, PU single tube.

2. Structural characteristics

The transparent tube has a high transparency, and the state of the medium flow is clearly visible. Made of high resilience polyurethane raw materials; The pneumatic tube has a smaller bending radius and is easier to install. Yellow resistance to more than 3, not easy to yellow. The color tube adopts imported weather-resistant color powder, and the color tube made by us is standard and bright, and does not fade for a long time. Using on-line pipe diameter control system, longer life.

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